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Sure, I’ll Brag…

Looks like I’m sneaking this in just under the wire since Brag Week’s almost over! (Thanks, Kevin, for the opportunity to toot my own horn!)

I know most of us have a lot of hobbies/interests outside of work. My latest endeavor is making jewelry. Well, actually, I’ve been making it for quite some time now. It’s only recently that I had the bright idea that maybe I could be a little entrepreneurial about it. Enter the online marketplace that is Etsy, and the launch of my shop: Ruby Sky Jewelry Design. (The name came to me years ago on a trip to California and it just stuck.)

Here’s a sampling of what I’ve been making these days…

I’ve always loved making things. As a child, my dad even made me my own mini workbench in our basement. If there was something I dreamed up that I wanted, I’d go downstairs to the basement, find some odds and ends and cobble something together that I thought resembled said desired item. I think most creative people are always searching for the next outlet to unleash all the stuff going round and round in their brain, and jewelry has become my latest outlet. Besides, who doesn’t like something sparkly? ;)

So thanks for letting me show off my latest venture. Sure, I’ll post the Etsy link for you!

I hope I’m not the last bragger for the series… it’s fun to see what everyone else is up to. I’m sure Kevin would let you squeeze something in next week. :)