Creating Buzz with Booth Display Materials and IP Targeting


Impressions Served


Click-Through Rate
(National Average Between .06%–.08%)

The Challenge

Balance Innovations approached us about creating an effective and creative event marketing strategy to support their role in the 2020 Big Show Conference. We were tasked with developing a visual brand campaign that would make Balance Innovations stand out among other retailers at the event. Additionally, we needed to drive foot traffic to their booth.

The Solution

Using simple, colorful icons of famous currency figures, we created a buzz surrounding their booth display and used illustrations to demonstrate Balance’s approach to cash management via their VeriBalance® platform. We also developed a correlating IP targeting campaign to boost digital awareness and maintain a consistent brand look and feel.

The Results

By utilizing a strategic combination of booth display materials and IP targeting at the event, we were able to position Balance Innovations for success at the conference. The digital advertisements tied in seamlessly with their physical booth display, creating a strong and cohesive brand identity.