The Big Reveal

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I’m addicted to those home renovation shows on HGTV, DIY, and FYI. I love seeing creative people take old, worn out spaces and turn them into something beautiful, functional, and remarkable. Each of those shows has one thing in common: the Big Reveal. The Big Reveal always comes at the end of the show –just after the tension and frustration of the renovation process has hit its peak. The homeowner is usually brought to a point where they are going to have to let go and trust the host(s) to turn their home into something wonderful.

Well, last week was our Big Reveal. Months of work, maybe a little tension, and the skill of a host of people has produced our new website, which we are sharing with you today. We hope you spend a little time, check out all the rooms, observe the attention to detail, and share with us your thoughts.

A website is the digital room where you entertain guests. If you’re a nonprofit, it’s the place where donors go to make giving decisions. Sure, people will check out your social media channels. But neglect your website at your own peril. Over 50% of major gift donors will spend time on your website before writing that big check. That number drops into the teens for social media platforms.

If you represent a for profit company, your website is equally important. Just like wallpaper and 70’s appliances can say a lot about your home, a website that isn’t responsive or still built on Microsoft Frontpage says a lot about your company. Outdated websites tell potential customers that you’re not forward thinking, you’re not adapting to new technology, and you’re not paying attention to detail. Those are probably not the three things you hope customers remember about your business.

And because we want to practice what we preach, we’ve had our team working hard on our new site. We hope you enjoy the new look and we look forward to engaging with you in 2015! And if your website is a little dated, we hope we can help you on that renovation project this year. Your Big Reveal will be worth it.

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