28 Years in the making: 2015 Radiothon is a hit in Metro Detroit

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February 27th, 2015 — THAT was quite a day! It only took 16 hours to raise $1,397,817 during The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit’s Annual Radiothon to benefit their Bed & Bread Club®. Congratulations to our partners in The Salvation Army Eastern Michigan Division for their remarkable success.

Well, technically it took longer than 16 hours to build the kind of successes that make the Bed & Bread Club one of the most enduring monthly giving programs in the country. Twenty-eight years ago, Summit Marketing introduced a way to help The Salvation Army involve their supporters in a new and meaningful way to help feed and shelter people in their own communities.

By pledging their loyalty in the fight against hunger and homelessness, donors have a convenient way to offer their support each month — for as little as $10/month. This money provides basic food and shelter to struggling individuals and families who need a hand up in times of crisis. Through the kindness of many donors throughout Metro Detroit, they provide a steady stream of income to help those in need throughout the year.

Summit Marketing built 124 Bed and Bed Clubs around the country, raising more than $120 million to help The Salvation Army fulfill their mission of Doing the Most Good for where it’s most needed.

Is a monthly giving program like this one the right opportunity for YOUR organization to boost fundraising? Summit Marketing can offer a variety of ideas to inform, engage and move your audience to action.

Contact us at fundraising@SummitMarketing.com and let us roll out a plan for you.

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