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It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining . . . the flowers are blooming . . . and Summit Marketing getting ready for another exciting Salvation Army Red Kettle season! Strategic fundraising and volunteer recruitment is all about thinking ahead! And with a giving season as important as the upcoming holidays, our Bell Ringing & Recruiting specialist are already gearing up for Red Kettles now.

Kettles are critically important to The Salvation Army. For locations across the United States, Kettle donations are used throughout the year to feed, shelter and provide basic assistance to millions of Americans in need.

Summit Marketing developed Register to Ring to make Red Kettle volunteering as simple as possible! Register to Ring, volunteers are able to easily sign up, locate and schedule times at Red Kettles in their respective neighborhoods, through our straightforward, easy-to-understand online process. Salvation Army staff and officers can also use the site to manage Kettles, monitor volunteer hours and schedules and keep up to date on Kettle income and volunteer coverage throughout the entire season.

The Benefits of Register to Ring:
• Ease of use for growing your volunteers and engaging large groups, such as businesses, organizations and churches to ring at your kettle locations
• Consistent capturing and organizing of volunteer information
• Better visibility of coverage to optimize scheduling, and ensure all key Kettle locations are manned with volunteers (Saving money normally spent on paid ringers!)
• A timely automated email follows-up with volunteers to show them their personal impact from volunteering and fundraising for The Salvation Army
• Real-time analysis of the Red Kettle campaign — not only at the end of the season, but throughout the season

During a busy time like the holidays, many Salvation Army staff members are short on time and resources. Traditionally, volunteer management brings with it a host of clerical duties that keep many officers and employees from being able to truly engage with the community, which is itself a vital aspect of holiday fundraising. Summit Marketing engineered Register to Ring to be an easy way to gain public support and involvement. This tool also empowers the field with a multipurpose tool automating several different clerical duties, eliminating time stealers that can monopolize Salvation Army staff and officers’ valuable time.

There’s no better time than now to start recruiting volunteers for this upcoming holiday season. Summit Marketing invites you to visit and find Kettle times and locations in your area, so you can get involved and help make a difference in your community by joining in and ringing the bell for The Salvation Army. makes volunteering and Doing the Most Good in your community easier than ever!

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