In Good Company: Harnessing the Power of Group Volunteering

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Cultivating a strong volunteer base is a key component to any nonprofit’s success. The ability to recruit groups of volunteers — and make the volunteer recruitment and management process seamless – inspired us to develop Summit Marketing’s Register to Ring™ software and mobile app. Yes, we know we’re biased. But this powerful tool has made an impressive impact. Last year alone, our Register to Ring clients scheduled 89,366 shifts, logged 446,173 bell-ringing hours and raised nearly $16.5 million at the Red Kettles.

One of the most useful features on Register to Ring is the option to sign up for group volunteer shifts. At first blush that may seem a little innocuous, but group volunteering is a critical aspect to your organization’s success at cultivating future volunteer relationships. Here are a few reasons why.

Multiplying Your Messengers

Remember, each volunteer is a walking, talking advocate for your organization. Each new advocate with whom you can engage is a new voice on behalf of your organization. Through Register to Ring, you can focus on increasing that number of voices… and in turn growing your list of potential donors and future volunteers.

A Quicker Way to ‘Yes’

The fact is that people want to be with other people. Volunteering is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have, and there’s no question that volunteers are more likely going to want to share that experience with friends, family or colleagues. That’s what makes group volunteering such an effective way to engage volunteers, and one of the easiest methods to develop new relationships with people who may not have otherwise had an inclination to take part.

Engaging Millennial Volunteers

Millennials are key components in effective fundraising, especially when it comes to volunteering. They’re today’s largest generation and are more cause-driven than their predecessors. According to a recent study by, 75% of young people volunteer because their friends are also participating. So not only are they ready and willing to volunteer, but they’re more likely to do so in a group setting.

Work It

As more corporations are taking activist stances, and ingratiating themselves in both social and regional communities, the greater an emphasis should be put on promoting corporate-sponsored, group volunteering initiatives. According to the Millennial Impact Report, 65% of millennials are more likely to volunteer if their co-workers participated. Additionally, work-sponsored opportunities circumvent the common issue of people not having enough time in their busy schedules to volunteer. There’s no need to carve out time for volunteering when you’re already at work! Besides, who doesn’t want to leave their desk for a few hours to go do something good?


If you’re not already embracing group volunteering, what are you waiting for? Request a Volunteer Recruitment Consultation today.

If you’re with The Salvation Army, and you’d like to learn more about either Register to Ring or our extensive volunteer recruitment solutions, please request a demo today.

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