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The Value of Volunteer Group Recruiting – Coaching the Team

Every group of valued bell ringers needs a dedicated point person – a leader who ensures that management of the group, the schedule, and the ringing shift runs smoothly.  These group leaders take responsibility for filling multiple kettle shifts – often full days – with group volunteers, so be sure to thank them early, and often.

Our Register to Ring™ platform makes it easy for group leaders to set up and manage groups, automate emails and texts, and track availability, hours, fundraising performance and other information across a single, straightforward platform.

Using Register to Ring, individual group members may log in anywhere, any time to:

  • Access their group page and see who has signed up
  • Choose an open shift or select to ring with a friend
  • Check totals for the shifts they rang


Managing offline, online.

If most of a group’s members would rather stay offline and avoid navigating the registration form, the group leader can still manage the account online to reserve shift days and locations. If the leader collects member contact information on a hardcopy sign-up sheet, he or she may enter that information into the platform, so members can still receive email and text reminders.

If a group member is unable to participate on the assigned day, they may cover a shift on a different day or location and associate their shift time to their group. By associating kettle shifts with one group, it is easy to track and report the group’s total contribution and fundraising impact.

Any way a group chooses to manage itself, information collected from registration serves to strengthen your database content and aids corps staff in having visibility and empowerment to logistics, analytics, revenue projections, reporting and relationship management.

In addition to sharing schedules and kettle performance information with group ringers and data with your staff, Register to Ring can report a group’s activity to the organization, employer or corporate partners sponsoring their group’s effort.

These sponsors direct their volunteers to you and your command in the belief that they are truly supporting legitimate, well-run, locally effective, socially responsible programs, and that their efforts and generosity on your behalf are worthwhile and appreciated.  Make certain the efforts of your volunteer groups are repeatedly recognized, and the faith of your partners is sustained – because the other side of recruitment and volunteer engagement is retention.


Stronger together. 

Combining Register to Ring with the dynamics of group fundraising will help you elevate your Red Kettle Campaign programs in ways that make them more manageable for your staff, more fun and exciting for group members, more rewarding for partners and more profitable for your mission!


Register to Ring helps you:

  • Sign up more volunteers and groups to raise more money during kettle season
  • Allow ringers to select shifts and associate shifts to your group
  • Track volunteer hours and dollars raised at every interval
  • Share ringer schedules and fill shift gaps easily
  • Generate management reports with ease


Whether you’re new to volunteer management and marketing or a seasoned expert, our team can help you build stronger programs for recruiting bell ringers, developing corporate partnerships and expanding community outreach – while also providing you with the resources and materials to help make your plans a reality.


Register to Ring is powered by Summit Marketing.  Over the course of our 32-year partnership with The Salvation Army, we’ve developed a firsthand understanding of the challenges each command encounters – and respect for the skill and devotion of all officers, recruiting coordinators and staff. Our Register to Ring team is committed to providing the insights and resources that will help you execute more effective kettle fundraising campaigns with better returns on investment while saving you time, effort and cost.



Let us help you start transforming your Red Kettle Campaign strategy with Register to Ring’s group recruitment.

This is the second installment in our two-part series on group recruitment.

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