What’s in Your Catch?

Are you reeling in the big fish? Medium-size fish or small fish? How many are there? Are they feeding your organization with the funds needed to grow your programs and services, or are they actually costing you money? It’s important to find out.

Request our exclusive Fishing Report and learn more about your acquisition donor mix. It’s essential for you to better understand what’s hiding in your net income. Did you know a new donor’s first gift tells a lot about their overall future value?

Our fishing report is complimentary – no-obligation analysis of your acquisition efforts and outlines your revenue, segmentation mix, costs, and benefits. We provide graphs and charts using data from your organization to illustrate the cost and net income of your new donor mix over a three-year period. These insights can help you navigate the ocean of new donor fishing expeditions.

Let us help you navigate your way forward. Contact one of our fishing experts now!


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