Five Ways to Get a Head Start on Kettle Season


The holiday season is over. The bells have stopped ringing. The kettle stands are in storage. You’ve finally taken a moment to rest. Now that 2020 is here, we know what you’re thinking…it’s time to get started for next year! The truth is, it’s never too early to start recruiting volunteers. Why not reduce your stress down the road by taking a few steps in the right direction now? Here are our top five ways to hit the ground running to make this year your best kettle season yet.

  1. Share the impact with store managers

    Every year, you receive a major gift from each business that allows you to put a kettle outside their location. Without their faithful cooperation, there would be no kettle campaign. Run an Income by Location report to see how much was raised at each store. Take that figure and make the store a part of your mission. Tell them how many lives were impacted through the money they helped raise.

  2. Open and customize your volunteer site

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and your Register to Ring site may be the first point of contact many volunteers have with The Salvation Army. Start by opening your volunteer site to the public. Go to Site Admin > Site Settings in the admin site and check the box that says, “Site is available all year.” Then, give your volunteer site a facelift for the new year. Update your email content, review your FAQs, and add new pictures and videos to make things feel fresh for 2020.

  3. Set schedules for 2020

    Companies, institutions, and organizations often plan their volunteering several months in advance. Reaching out to volunteers sooner, while their bell-ringing experience is still top-of-mind, gets them excited to commit to another year of giving back.

    You may not know when every location will start bell ringing in 2020, but are there a few locations you could open to the community for early registration? Go to Site Admin > Location Schedules to set schedules for the upcoming season and choose Site Admin > Custom Messages to leave a message on your site that explains more locations will be available for ringing soon.

  4. Prioritize first-time and high-impact ringers, corporate partners and groups

    Make your volunteers feel like VIPs this year. Try sending a personalized note to ringers who’ve made the largest impact on your Red Kettle Campaign in the past. Reiterate your thanks and explain they’re receiving access to “priority registration” because they’re one of your most valued volunteers.

    Run a My Ringer report to generate segmented lists of your ringer database. Narrow your results to just group accounts, volunteers who rang last year for the first time, or use the “employer” field to target corporate partners. Pull a Ringers Without an Assigned Shift report to see volunteers who rang within the last three years. Then, sort this report by “Total Amount” (raised), “Total Hours” (rang), or “Amount per Hour” (raised) to see ringers who’ve given the most time and raised the most money.

  5. Start talking to people who want to know more

    Many times, volunteers drift away because they feel forgotten. A solid communication plan prevents you from having to completely rebuild your volunteer base every year and gently nudges each volunteer closer to becoming a dedicated financial donor. Run a Ringers Who Would Like to Receive More Information report to generate of list of volunteers who’ve expressed an interest in learning more about your organization. Then, start a conversation with them. Not sure how to do that? Email us at ringing@summitmarketing.com to learn more about putting together a communication plan.

This is the time of year when a little extra attention may make all the difference for your 2020 season.

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