Every message and image a company makes public reflects on its brand – for better or for worse. Summit Marketing can tune your brand’s look and voice for the perception you wish to create in the marketplace. Whether you’re identifying a new brand, re-branding or developing a brand for a specific campaign, we can help you convey the messages that matter.

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Refining Brand Identity

The leaders at Academy Bank came to us seeking a strong and cohesive brand identity. After getting to know their unique selling proposition in the business lending space, we developed messaging and voice that positions them as the go-to lender in business banking. We used their penchant for the “edgy” and their tagline of “Fast. Easy. Personal.” to create a new campaign.

Using a mix of digital display advertising, outdoor and business/trade print advertising and digital media, Summit Marketing targeted mid-sized businesses in two key markets. We created a bold brand statement and gave the brand a new look to match. The result is a cohesive, consistent voice, look and feel that Academy Bank uses to communicate across multiple channels. The campaign successfully delivered more than 39,000,000 impressions with a 15% CTR and 13,672 clicks via digital channels.

brand expansion

Brand Expansion & Website Development

The Salvation Army of Indiana was happy with their Hidden Falls campground but wished to leverage and fully realize its potential as an asset. Hidden Falls was more than just a summer camp — it was a destination. The serene and beautiful locale was the perfect spot for company retreats and conferences, and The Salvation Army needed to showcase those attributes.

Recognizing this initiative was less about rebranding than brand expansion, we designed a new identity for the property that reflected Hidden Falls’ tranquil, relaxing environment, and highlighted it as an ideal corporate meeting space.

Additionally, Summit Marketing developed a dedicated Hidden Falls website, crafting an elegant user experience that not only offers a complete overview of all the camp affords but also emphasizes the picturesque setting you can expect when planning your next getaway.

brand expansion

uniquely modern look

uniquely modern look

Brand Identity Reinvention

Bank of the Prairie is unique in the Olathe, KS community, partly because of the iconic horse sculptures present at each location. In fact, they are often affectionately referred to as the “Horse Bank.” While the bank was proud of the comparison to the strength and dependability of a workhorse, they wanted to extend and solidify their brand beyond that image.

Building off the bank’s motto — “Local. Personal. Dependable.” — Summit Marketing developed a unique brand identity that targeted those community-minded characteristics and established a uniquely modern look to showcase their rich personality.

Summit Marketing coupled a carefully curated color palette — symbolic of the diversity in Bank of the Prairie’s clientele and the colors and features of the prairie — with striking use of white space and bold typography. Candid photography alongside real testimonials demonstrated Bank of the Prairie dedication to, and personal relationship with, the local community.

reflect a cohesive identity

Creating Cohesive Brand Standards

After we developed brand materials for Academy Bank, Dickinson Financial Corporation (DFC) asked us to revamp the brand standards for Academy’s sister bank, Armed Forces Bank. We created brand materials including typography, color palette, photos and graphic elements that reflected a cohesive identity and the values of Armed Forces Bank and matched the look and tone of DFC’s overall brand. Summit Marketing’s previous work with the U.S. Army and deep understanding of military culture helped inform our work for DFC, and as a result, Armed Forces Bank won the U.S. Army’s award for Bank of the Year.

reflect a cohesive identity

starter kits

starter kits

Using Research to Challenge Assumptions

The U.S. Army needed help communicating the ways in which diversity among their ranks makes for a stronger Army, ready to fight and win the battles of the 21st century. Summit Marketing’s unique precognitive research, including 20 in-depth interviews, revealed subconscious thoughts and closely held attitudes on the topic of diversity. Our findings concluded that we needed to challenge the assumptions of Soldiers and civilians.

Powerful stories we crafted established the need to see beyond the surface of individuals and realize that true strengths aren’t always apparent. “Strength in Diversity” stories were created and told across multiple channels including command kits, poster series, banner stands, banners, introductory video, brochures, branded pocket jotter tablets, and a Diversity website.

Based on the strength of the campaign, the U.S. Army ordered 328 starter kits to be built and distributed to 268 delivery destinations for both Active Duty and Reserve components to ensure the “Strength in Diversity” message was received by millions of Soldiers Army-wide.

print and online newsletter

Promoting A Lifestyle

The Sophia Center in Atchison, Kansas is a spirituality center of the Benedictine Sisters. Summit Marketing refined and enhanced the distinctive identity of this wonderful retreat center by developing a newsletter — in both print and online formats — to feature their array of programs, workshops, and retreats. This type of ministry is often the first step in their discernment process. The more we draw people to this community, the more they can learn about religious life and initiate relationships with religious members, creating greater opportunities for individuals to seek a deeper spiritual life.

print and online newsletter

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