Omnichannel Fundraising Campaign

Robust Strategic Approach Propels Salvation Army Division’s Online Presence and Revenue Growth

The Challenge
A Salvation Army Division in the Southern Territory sought to grow its online presence and raise funds digitally.

The Solution
Summit collaborated closely with the client over a three-year time span, crafting a robust omnichannel strategy. This involved integration of 11 total tactics, which were expanded upon each year. Channels included email marketing campaigns, organic and paid social media, targeted investment in paid search advertising, strategic optimization of website assets, the deployment of YouTube advertisements, and the seamless integration of direct mail URLs, among others.

The Results
Across a span of three years, the increasingly omnichannel approach yielded substantial and sustained growth in revenue for the client. The strategic addition of each tactic led to an upsurge in funds raised and the overall digital presence of the Division. This partnership exemplifies how an omnichannel strategy can significantly amplify both the digital reach and financial performance of The Salvation Army.