Strategic Text Marketing Campaign Boosts Year-End Fundraising Efforts

The Challenge
The Community Food Bank of Central Alabama sought to increase its 2022 year-end fundraising totals. The client was able to secure a corporate matching partner to aid in this effort, but needed a strategic partner like Summit Marketing to come alongside them to get the message out to donors effectively, and prompt them to give before the year ended.

The Solution
Summit developed a text marketing campaign to promote the year-end matching gift opportunity. We strategically crafted the message to focus on soaring food prices and the impact on less fortunate central Alabama families. We named the matching partner, emphasized the gift would be doubled and provided a link through which the recipient could easily click to donate. The message included the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama’s logo and a gif to provide visual appeal. The copy was written to appear to be coming from the organization’s CEO

The Results
A total of 7,893 texts were successfully deployed to donors. Our results indicate that the message was highly receptive to the audience that received it. A total of 49 donations were gained from the effort, the levels of which were seen within the average donation of $272.69. The total gross revenue was $13,361.75, generating an ROI of over 3:1.