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Digital marketing is more than a few boosted Facebook posts and Tweets. Just as running a business takes a solid plan, strategic execution and constant adjustments, a fully integrated marketing plan takes time and resources to develop, execute and optimize for conversions.

We'll help you increase your brand awareness across all channels and create meaningful connections with your audience through creative and data-driven digital marketing.

Digital Marketing​ - IP Targeting Amplifies Brand Awareness

Balance Innovations approached us about creating an effective and creative event marketing strategy to support their role in the 2020 Big Show Conference. We were tasked with developing a campaign that would make Balance Innovations stand out among other retailers at the event — and drive traffic to their booth.

We developed a highly branded IP targeting campaign to boost digital awareness and maintain a consistent look and feel from display ads to booth display materials.

The digital advertisements seamlessly integrated with their physical presence at the conference, resulting in a strong, cohesive brand identity — and a click-through rate far above the national average.

Increasing Email Donations

The Salvation Army Florida Division needed increased donations through email marketing after struggling with low click-through rates, poor donation trends and the inability to segment. We developed segments and localized messaging to 35 Corps within the region, creating email campaigns with engaging content, visuals and calls-to-action.

In the first three months of a year-long email campaign, $158,456 was donated with an additional $9,216 expected in monthly giving. The campaigns experienced a 62% increase in email donations over the prior year, an open rate of 15% and a click-through rate of 3%.

Paid Social Targets Local Audience

The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, hosts the area’s largest nonprofit shopping event, known as Holiday Mart. We partnered with the organization to run a paid social campaign promoting the event, including creative development, copywriting and media management. Ads were deployed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Paid social media campaigns allow you to hone in on specific target audiences, supplement your organic social efforts and increase brand awareness.

Website Refresh & Redesign

The Salvation Army’s Markle Evangeline Residence in New York City wanted to reorganize and modernize its website in order to reduce vacancies in their building. Not only was the website outdated and difficult to navigate, but they were attracting the wrong audience since the site resembled that of a Salvation Army shelter rather than a paid residence.

We completely redesigned the website and set up an easily navigable WordPress site that the Markle’s staff could manage and update. We also created a custom Markle logo to replace the Salvation Army logo and added fresh copy and photos.

Ultimately, the redesign offered a user-friendly and eye-catching way to find information, resulting in more page views and applications.

Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica

After more than 150 years of service and devotion, the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica wished to expand their digital and social presence to bring their message to a broader and younger audience. That’s where we came in.

Our team created a vocational awareness campaign entitled Be EXTRAordinary that focused on the extraordinary life one can lead as a Benedictine Sister. It centered around the microsite BeANun.org and offered candidates a dynamic close-up look at the Sisterhood.

The Sisters saw a 28.2% increase in their Facebook page audience after just three months of the campaign. The Facebook advertisements have seen a click-through rate of 1.05% with an engagement rate of 5.3%, well over industry standards for this type of market.

Brand Expansion & Website Development

The Salvation Army of Indiana was happy with their Hidden Falls campground, but wished to leverage and fully realize its potential as an asset. Hidden Falls was more than just a summer camp — it was a destination. The serene and beautiful locale was the perfect spot for company retreats and conferences, and The Salvation Army needed to showcase those attributes.

Recognizing this initiative was less about rebranding and more about brand expansion, we designed a new identity for the property that reflected its tranquil, relaxing environment and highlighted it as an ideal corporate meeting space.

Additionally, we developed a dedicated Hidden Falls website, crafting an elegant user experience that not only offered a complete overview of the campground but also emphasized the picturesque setting you can expect when planning your next getaway.

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