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How we drive your business strategy forward through direct mail services

Our direct mail strategy and production process are guided by a dynamic mix of research, evolving experience and aggressive analytics. Our process from the very beginning includes a collaborative team effort that works for you and your unique business goals.

We’re ready to work with you to identify your goals and provide strategic recommendations in order to make a lasting impact through direct mail marketing. Let's get your message into the hands of your target audience.

Direct Mail Increases Sales & Boosts Brand Awareness

Analyzing five years of customer data, we determined a level of spending that identifies Woodard’s “best customers” and its target audience. Armed with this information, we put into place a new communication plan with a different set of touch-points and meaningful content to increase the likelihood of customers becoming “best customers” and increasing Woodard’s profitability. Simultaneously, we used the best customer data to create predictive models for a new list of prospective customers who had a higher likelihood of becoming a customer and then, ultimately, a best customer.

We performed split-testing via direct mail with active customers, lapsed customers and new prospects. Woodard achieved increased sales with a 20% improvement in marketing spend ROI.

Robust Direct Mail Services + Expertise

Our team has worked with Quest Diagnostics for over a decade to offer various programs that provides discounted laboratory testing under a health benefit plan, provides free lab work under Quest’s medical plan and distributes surveys to ensure customer satisfaction. We have developed personalized and bulk direct mail communications for Quest to distribute their Lab Cards and survey mailings.

Additionally, our team supplies production services, including printing and letter shop, data entry, and creative and promotional trade show materials. We provide consistent, quality service and production expertise that allows Quest Diagnostics to thrive in a fast-paced, consumer-driven industry.

Increasing Guest Retention with an Integrated Marketing Approach

Applebee’s needed help with guest retention, aiming to boost customer frequency and repeat visits.

We created and implemented a comprehensive, integrated marketing program driven by guest response. The campaign consisted of customized communications based on guest action, multiple touchpoints, direct mail, thank you cards and digital integration.

The first direct mail campaign boasted a 9% response rate, while a 7% response rate was yielded from the follow-up campaign. Our strategy also populated Applebee’s customer database for future communications.

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