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Direct response marketing is both art and science—luckily, we’re experts in both. Our Data & Analytics and Creative teams work collaboratively on each direct mail campaign to develop marketing materials that achieve results. To ensure the highest possible return on your investment, we continually create alternate packages to test against our control packages for both commercial and nonprofit clients.

Through our successful direct mail marketing campaigns, we know how to drive response rates and revenue. let's work together to make the most out of your direct mail efforts.

Direct Mail Impact on a Local Level

A local humane society wanted to enhance its response rate amongst donors and adopters and acquire new donors during the holiday season.

We deployed a direct mail marketing campaign consisting of seasonal newsletters and four holiday and year-end appeals. We conducted an audit to discover insights and trends of their current donor database and fundraising efforts using the client’s donor data files. From there, we implemented segmentation, processed address changes, eliminated duplicates, and utilized CASS to confirm the accuracy of addresses. We created personalized stories with custom imagery for each mail piece, allowing recipients to see the direct impact their gifts make in their community.

The newsletter boasted a response rate well over industry standards. 

Pandemic Relief Campaign

When the nation went on lockdown at the end of March 2020, millions of people were left unemployed and needed assistance — many for the first time in their lives. Greater need meant more people reached out to The Salvation Army for help. Thus more funds were needed to meet the unprecedented demand.

Utilizing an integrated marketing approach, we developed a communications plan to reach Salvation Army current and lapsed disaster-only donors. The campaign used both direct mail and e-appeals with multiple ways to respond.

We deployed the first e-appeal on March 19, 2020, which raised $136,952 in the first 24 hours. Between April 6, 2020, and April 21, 2020, 770,00 mail pieces were created, produced and delivered along with two additional e-appeals — resulting in a total of $4,454,165 in pandemic relief.

View our case study here: COVID-19 Relief: Crisis Communication Plan

Disaster Recovery Communications Planning

A Baptist disaster recovery organization wanted to create a comprehensive communications plan that allowed them to react to disasters in real-time and focus their efforts on the communities in need.

We collaborated with the organization to develop a holistic multichannel campaign consisting of social media, email, text and direct mail. We did so in anticipation of a range of catastrophic events, allowing them to respond in real-time as needs arose, solicit donations and increase awareness of the organization’s efforts and brand.

See the results here: Integrated Campaign: Disaster Recovery Communications Planning

Strategic Telemarketing Increases Holiday Revenue

We were approached by a Salvation Army Area Command in the Southern Territory seeking to increase holiday donation response rates and revenue through voice broadcast messages.

We implemented a data-driven, strategically segmented telemarketing approach. Donors received scripted voice messages via landline or cell phone that directly correlated to our Christmas Donor and Christmas Re-Engagement appeals. The recorded message thanked the donor for their support and highlighted several relevant programs and services.

Ultimately, the strategy of pairing these two individually strong channel tactics provided our client with greater financial support to fund their mission.

See the facts and figures here: Voice Broadcast Strategy: Strategic Telemarketing Increases Holiday Revenue

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