Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Summit Marketing is committed to fostering a collaborative and mutually respectful company culture.

We recognize that the definitions and pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion can mean different things depending on the context and location of that work. Summit Marketing defines diversity, equity and inclusion as follows:

  • Diversity is the acceptance and respect of all the ways in which people differ.
  • Equity is the promotion of justice and fairness within our practices, policies and provision of resources by actively identifying and eliminating barriers that prevent equal access and opportunity for all.
  • Inclusion is the intentional creation of environments that welcome, support and respect all individuals to fully participate in processes, activities and decision- or policymaking.

Our company exists to help people who help people. In pursuit of that mission, we aim to ensure all Summiteers feel welcome to bring their best and authentic selves to work. Within this goal, our intent is to foster and promote an environment of diversity, inclusion, acceptance and belonging.