Easter Appeal


Increase in Response Rate


Decrease in Cost Per Dollar Raised

The Challenge

The Faith package had been the control package for over 20 years. Outside the Christmas Holiday Season, the Easter appeal is one of the strongest performing appeals. So, to ensure we continually maximize results during this critical time, direct mail package creative is tested. Generally, tests are conducted for two consecutive years before a rollout is determined. With this test, the main objective was to increase the response rate.

The Solution

For this test, package design and messaging was the test variable, while our proprietary recency, frequency, monetary value (RFM) strategy and ask strings strategies were the same for both packages. The test package creative and messaging utilized aspirational messaging so donors could see themselves as part of the solution. Both the control and test packages included a bookmark insert and the same package size specs.

The Results

After two years of testing, Easter Be the Good replaced the over 20-year-old Faith control package. The test package yielded a 15% increase in response rate and a 10% decrease in cost per dollar raised. The Be The Good package rolled out as the new control package in 2021.