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Summit Marketing helps you attract, build and retain a stronger community of donors and volunteers. A national leader in fundraising and marketing, Summit connects non-profit organizations like yours with supporters who have a heart for your mission.

Our free Fundraising Training Camp webinars offer you tips and tactics to cultivate relationships, manage your prime fundraising season, and improve your messaging for greater awareness and impact in the communities you serve.

You’ll also learn about new Summit Marketing tools and strategies and gain valuable insights from today’s leaders in donor and volunteer engagement

The Impact of Donor Advised Funds

The higher standard tax deductions instituted by the federal government have affected the strategies that people are using to reach their philanthropic and financial goals leading to a rise in popularity of donor-advised funds. A donor-advised fund, or DAF, allows individuals to set up their own private charitable foundations. During this session, we will help you become more strategic in marketing this unique giving channel to your donors to increase contributions to your organization. 

Next Level Monthly Giving Programs

There are people in your community who want to help but are unsure where to start.  That’s why Summit Marketing uses monthly giving programs, such as the Bed & Bread Club, Daily Bread Providers Club, Community Partners for Good and our Paws, Claws & a good Cause club to help organizations raise consistent funds.  These programs establish reliable year-round giving and continue to create strong and lasting bonds with donors.  During this session we’ll discuss how monthly giving programs offer an affordable way for people to start supporting your cause.

Cultivating and Sustaining Volunteers

Is your volunteer a tourist? Or maybe a guide? Have they engaged with you on social media or were caught in your geofence? Not sure what to do with them? We’ll explore how to leverage the power of technology to grow your volunteer base and ultimately have more meaningful relationships with your volunteers.

Preparing for the Christmas season

The summer months are the perfect time to begin to prepare for the holiday season! In fact, starting now will help to set your mind at ease as those fall days draw near and will help you set the foundation for increased community engagement and awareness and better results! This session will guide you through how to get a head start on your holidays in three easy steps. We will cover talking to the media, participating in integrated marketing and thanking your supporters. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Engaging Your Community using Online Channels

Whether your organization’s goal is to build a community of volunteers, increase your number of sustaining donors or generate awareness of your organization, reaching an audience has never been easier in today’s “always connected age.”  However, reaching them in a manner that effectively and efficiently accomplishes your goals requires the use of select tactics.  In this session you will learn about the unique online media usage habits of each generation, the importance of offline and online marketing strategies, as well as ways your organization can develop impactful engagement with the right audience.

Summit Sonar

Acquiring new donors is like fishing.  You need to know what you’re trying to catch, which lures to use, and where to cast your nets.  Summit Marketing has combined our 30 years of data and analytical insights with our ability to reach prospective donors to create Summit SONOR – a multidisciplinary set of strategic advantages that add power to your acquisition program.  During this session, we will demonstrate how our donor mix strategy can bring you more donors with the capacity and likelihood to become recurring donors with a higher lifetime value. 

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