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When your supporters feel that they are appreciated and making an actual difference, they’re more motivated to act — giving, volunteering and spreading the word about your mission. That’s what the donor-centric experience is all about.

We have more than 30 years of strategic fundraising experience under our belt with hundreds of nonprofit clients nationwide. Earning more than 60 national and industry awards for outstanding results and innovation, we are masters at helping nonprofit organizations share their stories. We’ll help you communicate with your audience in ways that attract, engage, and retain vital donors and volunteers.

Do you need help elevating your messaging and better connecting with your audience? Are you looking to inspire them to support your cause so you can achieve stronger fundraising results? Let’s talk.


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Your organization has spent valuable time acquiring new donors, and you should feel motivated to urge those donors to become regular contributors to your cause. Obtaining a second gift from your donors is all about making them feel valued. We’ll help you explore the steps your organization can take to encourage future support from your new donors.

Our extensive experience with nonprofit, commercial and governmental clients, in addition to thorough research and analysis, has inspired us to create Summit SONARSM, a multidisciplinary set of strategic advantages. Over time, we’ve used our unique understanding of nonprofit donors to develop successful programs, predict giving patterns and provide our clients with analysis-driven advice. Now, we’d like to share some of our findings with you.

Consider this — if it costs you more to acquire these donors than their average gift amount, you’re already in the hole from the start. Our research found that donors who had an initial gift of less than $20 only had a 0.1% chance of upgrading their support to $500+ over a 10-year giving period. In comparison, donors who gave an initial gift of $100+ were 80 times more likely to upgrade to a $500+ gift. Let us show you how.

At Summit Marketing, we are experts in how donors to nonprofit organizations choose to make monthly/sustainer pledge-gifts. We have raised over $145,000,000 for The Salvation Army through our proprietary Bed & Bread Club® pledge program. We bring valuable insights to identify potential audiences, reshape opinions and build loyalty that results in increased overall fundraising at a very low cost per dollar raised. Contact us today, to help you manage all the details.

Our sustainer program fulfillment rates are around 90% with renewal rates of 80%. Their average giving is approximately $222 for renewing members, and more than 42% of members make additional non-sustainer donations adding up to nearly $400 in total average annual giving. Contract us to learn more.

Pairing IP targeted display ads with direct mail creates cohesive campaign messaging and awareness. This strategy provides extra impact by coordinating the delivery of your digital ads into households as your acquisition direct mail piece arrives in their mailboxes. This is done by utilizing your acquisition direct mail list and matching it against available IPs within the household. These digital ads reach your same direct mail prospects with zero wasted impressions. Sound interesting? Give us a call.

We intuitively know that we would not be able to provide all the critical services that are needed without volunteers. But it is easy to take for granted the economic impact volunteers have on our missions. Ben Franklin once wrote, “Time is money,” but we sometimes forget to monetize that time when it comes to volunteers. We have over 30 years’ experience in volunteer management and can recognize their value while keeping them engaged throughout the year.

Strategic Fundraising Services

Over 30 years of success in multi-channel marketing and innovative fundraising has helped us earn our reputation as one of the nation’s most effective integrated direct-response marketing agencies. Our team of direct mail experts knows how to help your organization increase revenue, gain momentum and get results.

We produce fundraising strategies and tactics that inform, engage, inspire and move people to action.

Integrated Fundraising Campaign Strategies

We take a holistic approach to your digital fundraising efforts and ensure they work together with your offline tactics such as direct mail, print advertising, TV and radio ads, signage and more.

Our integrated approach focuses on strategy, design, deployment, optimization and reporting.

Analytics and Reporting

Research, results and reporting constantly refine our fundraising strategies. We utilize data-driven marketing research to develop communications that have a measurable impact on key stakeholders and target audiences.

Our analytics experts know how to pinpoint high-value donors. We’ll help you discover these donors in your database, monitor their activity and provide reports to track their threshold for greater gift-giving.

Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement

Engaged volunteers are reliable self-starters who show up for their scheduled time, take on extra duties and often return to your mission as supporters and advocates. We can help you develop ongoing communications that will help provide your volunteers with clear direction, an understanding of the impact they make, and recognition for the value of their support, all of which contribute to a better experience and improved retention.

Our proprietary online platform is an exclusive tool that gives volunteers and group leaders extra flexibility, convenience, and control to aid in both recruitment and engagement.

Fundraising Webinars and Resources

We specialize in connecting nonprofit organizations like yours with supporters who have a heart for your mission. Our free Fundraising Training Camp webinars offer you tips and tactics to cultivate relationships, manage your prime fundraising season, and improve your messaging for greater awareness and impact in the communities you serve.

Our blogs and case studies are also at your disposal to help you learn how to market your nonprofit like a pro and maximize your fundraising results.

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