Hug Your Hundreds

Let’s work together to tap into a key sector of your donor base.

Identification + Communication + Recognition = Lifetime Engagement

Hug Your Hundreds is a movement — developed to identify and acknowledge your true believers and their financial and emotional support of your organization’s mission.

While every donor deserves a certain level of respect and attention, it’s particularly vital that you don’t neglect your donors who are on track to be mid-level donors — typically those who give $100 or more as their first gift.

“Hugging your hundreds,” or cultivating special relationships with these donors, expands donor giving and creates greater lifetime value.

How are you hugging?

  • Acknowledgment
  • Affirmation
  • Appreciation
  • Aspiration

Are you ready to embrace your $100-$1,000 donors? We've developed strategies and programs to help you do just that.

The Power of Personalized Touchpoints

Through one of our data-driven acquisition mailings, a client partner of ours within The Salvation Army Florida Division received a $500 gift from a new donor. Their development director utilized our Hug Your Hundreds tactics by sending a personalized follow-up note. They soon received a $5,500 check through the same donor’s Donor Advised Fund! By providing awareness and support to this donor segment, a successful relationship was formed — and it paid off.

A Hug Your Hundreds Success Story

The Salvation Army Eastern Michigan Division implemented Hug Your Hundreds in conjunction with their existing direct response fundraising programs. As a result, they successfully tapped into a highly profitable donor segment. Over the next two years, the Division reported more than $500,000 in revenue as a direct result of utilizing these strategies, including personalized acknowledgment and appreciation tactics.

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