Julie Barnickol, Director of Production Services

For more than 15 years, Julie has provided strategic behind-the-scenes processing and project management services that are a vital part of the direct marketing process. She is central in communications with internal creative, client services and production teams to ensure accuracy is maintained throughout a complex process of bringing ideas to life and putting meaningful messages in donors’ and prospects’ hands. As a member of an integrated management team inside Summit, Julie brings extensive knowledge to all aspects of the production process, as well as the critical front-end client experience.

Personal: A lifelong Kansas-native, Julie enjoys going to both of her sons’ baseball games. She enjoys watching football (Go K-State!!!) and doing Yoga — although she wishes she had more time to do it (or really any time to do it). She also loves the ocean, palm trees and lots of very hot sun. This obsession, however, is problematic living in Kansas.

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