Michelle Noyes, President

Michelle Noyes redefines success. In her personal life, Michelle is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. When not involved in a variety of exciting Summit Marketing creative endeavors, Michelle enjoys being at home with her family, friends, pets – and on occasion, you might catch her figure skating.

As a marketing executive, entrepreneur, franchisee and certified career development professional, Michelle has been blessed with success on many fronts. She shares and multiplies those blessings to others and helps them unlock their own purpose and ingenuity through her knowledge, creativity and innovative gifts.

Michelle exemplifies a lifelong and daily commitment to service. Having considered life in a Benedictine convent as a young woman, she knew her mission in this world would be Ora et Labora – to strive for a higher purpose more enduring than temporal success. Michelle has a genuine passion for humanity and recognizes each day is a precious gift to be honored, shared and lived wisely. 

Today, as President of Summit Marketing, Michelle is a servant-leader, working closely with Summit’s cross-functional teams and CEO, Dan Renz to strategize and develop innovative marketing communications campaigns that achieve results for their client partners.  

Michelle’s 25 years on nonprofit boards of charities  including Easter Seals, the American Heart Association, Ronald McDonald House, Junior League, and Mount St. Scholastica Academy  have granted Michelle a wealth of experience to share with nonprofit, commercial and governmental clients. She focuses on achieving positive financial impact and outcomes for the client partners Summit Marketing serves. 

Michelle lives to inform, engage, inspire and move people to action.

Inform. Engage. Inspire. Move People to Action.
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Inform. Engage. Inspire.
Move People to Action.
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