Mid-Level Donors

Are you maximizing the potential of your mid-level donors?

Tapping into your mid-level donor base

Donors of mid-level gifts provide a reliable stream of revenue and indicate prospects for deeper engagement. Our expert segmentation and messaging strategies successfully deliver and develop many loyal donors from this large group.

Ultimately, it is a balanced mix of small, medium and large gifts – weighted to mid-value donor prospects – that creates the most accurate path to a predictable, positive return and the net dollars to fund your mission.

Cultivating Mid-Level Donors

While attention to high-end donors was strong, the American Red Cross needed to upgrade mid-level donors, defined as those who give $250-1,000 annually. We took a donor-centric approach and developed a segmented communication plan utilizing higher-quality letter package materials and greeting cards. The messaging was customized to highlight key initiatives in each area. As a result, mid-level donors felt more informed and increased their average gift amounts.

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Deepening Relationships with Middle Donors

As in most development programs, 80% of revenue was coming from 20% of donors. While attention to high-end donors was strong, The Salvation Army needed to increase donations from their “mid-level” donors, or those typically giving $250-$1,000 per year.

We implemented the exclusive Circle of Grace program, a mid-level donor track, as a comprehensive mail program that spoke to the needs of these motivated and devoted donors for the clients we serve in the Georgia Division. Direct mail communications were fully integrated with internal mailing calendars to coordinate messages, eliminate duplication and reduce overall mail volume.

Ultimately, our Circle of Grace program delivered increases in gross income and average gifts. In addition, we identified major donors early in their lifecycles to increase their long-term value.

View our case study here: Mid-Level Donor Program: Deepening Relationships with Middle Donors

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