Point of Sale

Our point-of-sale strategies serve as an effortless extension of your brand

Point of Sale - How we boost your brand awareness and increase sales

We believe that great point-of-sale marketing is more than just nice-looking signage. It should engage, inform and inspire the consumer while ultimately enticing them to buy your product. 

Are your current in-store marketing efforts not working? Maybe it’s time to try something different. Let's start a dialogue about how to create a point-of-sale marketing plan that keeps your name in front of your customers and increases sales.

Point of Sale - Email Capture is Part of the Game

Applebee’s franchisees needed to increase the number of local customers opting in to receive email communications from them. We created a unique way to capture customer email addresses while also enhancing their restaurant experience.

We took advantage of the downtime customers have between ordering food and being served with a series of fun and interactive tabletop quiz games that customers could play by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. The quizzes covered everything from pop culture to sports themes. Customers won prizes of a ½ price appetizer or dessert and provided their email address to obtain their prize coupon for playing the game.

Check out the results here: Applebee’s: Email Capture is Part of the Game

Individualized Marketing Materials Generate Leads

The commercial lenders with Academy Bank needed a printed informational piece that they could use when marketing their services to new commercial loan prospects. We created a branded brochure that shares the rich history and story of Academy Bank, featuring an engaging cover image and message.

The inside spread features a comprehensive at-a-glance view of the Academy Bank timeline, shares the company’s vision and provides important financial information. This brochure represents the experienced commercial lenders at Academy Bank well.

We know how to combine striking graphic design and compelling copywriting to create print marketing materials that work.

Touchpoints Drive Customer Journey

Tide Dry Cleaners created a special package just for brides and bridal parties, designed to cater to the unique needs of brides and their wedding gowns. Our team created an elegant graphic identity for the program that covers multiple communication channels — each piece driving the customer journey and sharing the outstanding value it provides for brides before and after their special day.

We utilized a mixture of tactics to reach brides and brides-to-be at numerous touchpoints so that when the time was right to have their bridal attire cleaned, they would remember Tide Dry Cleaners. Point-of-sale touchpoints included store signage, flyers, gift certificates and print advertisements.

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