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Product Spotlight: Impressions Series

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Impressions Series

Our Impressions Series provides your donors, volunteers, board members and staff an artistic look into your everyday life and the lives of those you serve. They can visualize who and how their donations are doing the most good in your community. 

Additionally, first impressions count. With every new interaction, your donors evaluate you. Studies have shown that people form their first impression somewhere between seven seconds and two minutes. These first impressions are nearly impossible to undo, making a positive emotional connection extremely important. 

As the adage says, “a picture paints a thousand words.” We are so pleased we can help you share your message through these vibrant graphics.

  • Postcard Series
    • Utilizing strong visual impressionistic imagery featuring The Salvation Army clients and staff, these postcards offer a great deal of messaging flexibility.
  • Pull-Up Banners
    • As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words,” and these promotional banners do just that. Order anytime throughout the year to spruce up your office or make a big statement at an event.
  • Wall Art
    • Let your wall décor reflect your mission. All prints are on acrylic and come ready to hang, making it easy to upgrade your wall art.
  • Calendar
    • This artistic calendar makes a great major donor gift. The high-quality design and production create the stickiness needed for donors to keep them around for a long time.
  • Pocket Folders
    • A presentation folder that stands out from the rest! Our custom Impression Series folder branded for The Salvation Army is an excellent tool to get their information in the hands of corporations, major donors, board members or volunteer groups who need it!
  • Bookmarks
    • Providing bookmark prayer cards to your constituents shows you understand their concerns and share their faith in things to come.
  • Thank You Notes
    • A customized, handwritten notecard sends a special, personal touch of gratitude to your cherished donors, thanking them for their support and reminding them about the many wonderful ways they are making a difference.

To inquire about ordering any of these Impressions Series items, please contact your Client Service Representative at 800.843.7347.