Brand Identity Reinvention

Bank of the Prairie is unique in the Olathe, KS community, partly because of the iconic horse sculptures present at each location. In fact, they are often affectionately referred to as the “Horse Bank.” While the bank was proud of the comparison to the strength and dependability of a workhorse, they wanted to extend and solidify their brand beyond that image.

Building off the bank’s motto — “Local. Personal. Dependable.” — Summit Marketing developed a unique brand identity that targeted those community-minded characteristics and established a uniquely modern look to showcase their rich personality.

Summit Marketing coupled a carefully curated color palette — symbolic of the diversity in Bank of the Prairie’s clientele and the colors and features of the prairie — with striking use of white space and bold typography. Candid photography alongside real testimonials demonstrated Bank of the Prairie dedication to, and personal relationship with, the local community.

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