Saluting Soldier Support Systems Encourages Loyalty

The United States Army wanted a way to “salute” the support system of Soldiers – the supporting team of loved ones and friends back home who, for the most part, went unrecognized for their contributions.

We created Freedom Team Salute, a program that recognized the sacrifices made by every Soldier’s support system. This program recognized veterans and their employers, parents and spouses by sending them a certificate, stickers and lapel pins, all as a way to say thanks and to enable them to display pride in their Army heritage.

For some veterans, this was the first time they had been thanked for their service. For others, it was a heartfelt reminder that the Army cares about its Soldiers and all who support them. The campaign established more than 50 pro-Army partnerships at national, state and local levels, and recruited ambassadors in 13 countries.

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