Using Research to Challenge Assumptions

The U.S. Army needed help communicating the ways in which diversity among their ranks makes for a stronger Army, ready to fight and win the battles of the 21st century. Summit Marketing’s unique precognitive research, including 20 in-depth interviews, revealed subconscious thoughts and closely held attitudes on the topic of diversity. Our findings concluded that we needed to challenge the assumptions of Soldiers and civilians.

Powerful stories we crafted established the need to see beyond the surface of individuals and realize that true strengths aren’t always apparent. “Strength in Diversity” stories were created and told across multiple channels including command kits, poster series, banner stands, banners, introductory video, brochures, branded pocket jotter tablets, and a Diversity website.

Based on the strength of the campaign, the U.S. Army ordered 328 starter kits to be built and distributed to 268 delivery destinations for both Active Duty and Reserve components to ensure the “Strength in Diversity” message was received by millions of Soldiers Army-wide.

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