Donor Acquisition

Acquisition efforts focus on growing and replenishing your donor base. Smart acquisition efforts run deeper than gaining a high number of new donors. But if you have misguided marketing strategies, you run the risk of draining your organization’s time and resources, starving your nonprofit, and forcing reductions in your programs and services.

For 32 years, nonprofit, commercial, and governmental clients have turned to Summit Marketing for direct marketing strategies that help them attract, retain, and increase engagement of customers and donors. Today, that long experience combines with new technologies in digital and social media, data collection, and analytics to create strategic advantages that add power to your acquisition program.

Want to see for yourself?

Minnow: Low-Value < $20 first gift
Donors of gifts in this range should be thanked for their contribution. Those willing to stay on file will be kept in the messaging loop at levels commensurate with their donation

Tuna: Supporting-Value $20 – $99 first gift
Gifts from these supporters help fund your mission. The financial resources you invest in acquiring them will return to you over a period of two to three years.

Halibut: Mid-Value $100 – $499 first gift
Gifts from these donors provide a reliable stream of revenue and indicate prospects for deeper engagement. Our expert segmentation and messaging strategies successfully deliver and develop many loyal donors from this large group.

Whale: High-Value $500+ first gift
There’s a good reason to pursue these rarest of donor gifts. Though they often make up less than 5% of your new donor acquisition, they may also contribute as much as 50% or more of the total revenue raised and by far, the highest lifetime value.

Acquisition is more than getting donors.
It’s getting the right donors.

Our analysis over the years shows that a donor’s first gift to an organization is a significant predictor of lifetime value, retention, and the degree of likelihood that a donor will upgrade their gift.


It’s time to ask yourself; what’s in my net? 

Attracting and investing in the right catches from the beginning can give you a higher return on investment for your nonprofit. Summit Marketing can help you do just that.

It starts with a free fishing report – also known as a donor mix analysis of your program – which we’ll use to show you the ropes of becoming your own fishing expert, helping you reel in the right donors from the very beginning.




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