Acquisition is the ongoing effort to grow your customer/donor base and to fortify and replenish that base over time. Historically, Summit Marketing’s nonprofit, commercial and governmental clients have relied on direct marketing to help them retain, attract and convert customers and donors. Today, new technologies in digital and social media, data collection and analytics add power to our acquisition programs. Our proprietary analytics allow us to model, gauge and improve the effectiveness of acquisition and audience targeting strategies, lists, and creative tactics. 

But smart acquisition runs deeper than sheer numbers of new donors. Summit continually audits and evaluates data to help you identify and capture the right customer/donor mix with the highest lifetime value and return on investment.

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Minnow: Low-Value < $20 first gift
Donors giving in this range should be thanked for their contribution. Those willing to stay on file will be kept in the messaging loop at levels commensurate with their donation.

Tuna: Supporting-Value $20 – $99 first gift
Gifts from these supporters help fund your mission. The financial resources you invest in acquiring them will return to you over a period of two to three years.

Halibut: Mid-Value $100 – $499 first gift
Gifts from these donors provide a reliable stream of revenue and indicate prospects for deeper engagement. Our expert segmentation and messaging strategies successfully deliver and develop many loyal donors from this large group.

Whale: High-Value $500+ first gift  
There’s a good reason to pursue these rarest of donors. Though they often make up less than 5% of your new donor acquisition, they may also contribute as much as 50% or more of the total revenue raised and by far, the highest lifetime value.

Acquisition is more than getting donors.
It’s getting the right donors.

Acquisition is like fishing.

You need to know what you’re trying to catch, how to read the conditions of the weather and the water, which lures to use or where to cast your nets. Just as important, you need to know which fish are keepers – and which ones to release.

Our analysis over the years shows that a donor’s first gift to an organization is a significant predictor of lifetime value, retention and the degree of likelihood that a donor will upgrade their gift.

It’s time to ask yourself; what’s in your net? 

By attracting and attending to tuna, halibut and whales and reducing the number of mailings you send to minnows, Summit Marketing can achieve a higher return on investment for your nonprofit. 

For a FREE Fishing Report donor mix analysis of your program, complete our online form or contact Summit Marketing today at info@summitmarketing.com or call 1.800.843.7347 and ask to speak to our fishing experts.

Request your FREE Fishing Report Today!

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Inform. Engage. Inspire.
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