Register to Ring

Register to Ring™ is a powerful platform for optimizing your ground-level fundraising efforts and streamlining campaign tasks. More than a website or a tech tool, Register to Ring is powered by Summit Marketing—a full-service partner helping The Salvation Army recruit volunteers, engage communities and supporters, and comprehensively manage your Red Kettle campaigns.

Let Summit show you how Register to Ring can revolutionize, customize and maximize your volunteer engagement!


Save time by empowering volunteers to sign up online without assistance from your staff

Export volunteer and paid ringer schedules to Daily Route sheets

Organize the many components of your Red Kettle Campaign in one easy-to-use database


Report income and ringer data

Gather valuable information for future-year outbound marketing campaigns

Share daily ringer schedules with staff to avoid time conflicts


Volunteer ringers receive automated reminder emails & text messages

Post results and analyze income by time slot and location
Compare gross and net income by year and location

Compare ringer performance

Conduct multi-year comparisons of multiple metrics


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Inform. Engage. Inspire. Move People to Action.
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Inform. Engage. Inspire.
Move People to Action.
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