Sustainer Marketing

We can help you harness the full lifetime value of your donors.

Sustainer Marketing - Did you know it costs roughly 5x more to replace a loyal donor than to retain one?

Three decades of acquisition, loyalty and retention programs have taught us a lot about the value of donor retention. Through personalized touchpoints, first-time donors will become long-term supporters of your mission.

By creating a custom sustainer program for your organization, we can help you keep your donors engaged between appeals and for years to come. Regular commitment to a monthly giving program encourages donors to give more often — and for a longer amount of time — than they otherwise might.

Monthly giving and sustainer programs establish reliable year-round income streams for your mission and offer an attractive, affordable way for people to support and participate in your causes. Let’s talk about how to make them work for you.

Bed & Bread Club® Integrated Campaign

Over the past 30 years, our Bed & Bread Club® monthly giving program has generated more than $145 million in donations. The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division in Chicago needed a way to introduce the program to its community.

We developed a robust multi-channel campaign that revolved around a dedicated microsite that served as a pledge sign-up page and information hub for visitors and Club members.

Learn more here: Sustainer Pledge Program: Increased Sustainer Membership with an Integrated Campaign

Saluting Soldier Support Systems Encourages Loyalty - Sustainer Marketing

The United States Army wanted a way to “salute” the support system of Soldiers — the supporting team of loved ones and friends back home who, for the most part, went unrecognized for their contributions.

We created Freedom Team Salute®, a program that acknowledged millions of active and retired personnel and their families for their commitment, service, and sacrifices through certificates, lapel pins, and letters of appreciation, along with a robust volunteer outreach program.

View the full case study here: U.S. Army: Saluting and Honoring Soldier Support Systems Encourages Appreciation

One Day Event Brings in More Than $1 Million Dollars in Sustainer Giving

The Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club® Radiothon in Detroit is the country’s largest single-market, single-day fundraiser. The money raised helps the Bed & Bread Club, a monthly giving program, provide thousands of meals each day and shelter hundreds of people each night.

We developed a comprehensive multi-channel campaign that drove awareness surrounding the upcoming event. Our key strategy was to drive off-season revenue, engage our email audience in a critical need and persuade donors to support the event financially.

Robust Loyalty Program Stands Out from Competitors

Tide Cleaners wanted a way to stand out amongst their competitors. Our solution? Inner Circle Rewards, a loyalty program that offered savings, convenience and exclusive perks to its members. Our team utilized the program to track customer and purchase trends, gather highly valuable data and rapidly build a base of members. Additionally, the program offered the flexibility to test new promotional investments to highly targeted customer segments.

Our approach was simple: bring best-in-class loyalty strategies and tactics to an industry that historically relied on price and location to differentiate between competitors. The result was that customer loyalty became a proactive and conscious choice, rather than a default outcome.

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