Paid Social Drives Angel Tree Donations & Adoptions

The Challenge
A Salvation Army Division, knowing how difficult it had been each year on their own to capture the public’s attention and engage needed adoption support for their Angel Tree program, turned to Summit Marketing for professional digital assistance.

The Solution
We designed a creative campaign theme entitled, #AddAnAngel to your list, developed the strategy and deployed a series of eight enticing Facebook ads. The critical essence of our campaign was the precision engineering to a strategic audience with a well developed segmentation targeted to ensure maximum local reach.

The Results
This campaign resonated with the targeted audiences and received significant public attention. All Angels were adopted almost immediately — well before the campaign was completed. At that point, our team quickly pivoted from promoting the adoption of Angels to driving monetary donations. This generated $9,521 in one month. In addition to achieving the main objective of increased Angel adoption, Summit Marketing’s efforts resulted in a secondary financial effect of raising over $20,564 to support our client’s programs.