Thrift Store U-Turn Marketing Campaign

The Challenge
A Salvation Army Thrift Store in Grand Junction, Colorado, was experiencing decreased foot traffic and low sales after moving to a new location. They faced a potential closure if they couldn’t quickly turn things around, and needed help crafting and deploying an awareness campaign promoting their new location to re-engage their customers, bring in more local thrift shoppers and increase sales. They turned to Summit Marketing for assistance.

The Solution
Summit Marketing developed a highly specialized “U-Turn” strategy to drive local awareness and increase foot traffic to the new store location. A variety of omnichannel tactics were deployed. Messaging was centered around informing shoppers of their new location and sharing the unique reasons they should visit and shop, or “thrift,” at The Salvation Army. The messaging was paired with exclusive discounts and special offers.

The Results
Over 10,000 sessions were started on the landing page, and the data showed 88% of the sessions were new! We have attracted many fresh eyes to this store’s online presence. Paid search experienced a click-through rate of over 10%, significantly higher than the industry average. Our paid social media efforts generated 547,276 impressions, reaching 480,000+ people. As a result, foot traffic noticeably increased at the new store location. The bounce-back coupons and postcards were redeemed in high numbers. This Thrift Store received the boost it desperately needed from Summit Marketing’s U-Turn campaign, and as a result, the new location is stronger and remains open and operating.