How Volunteering Can Impact Employee Engagement

May 18, 2022

How do you inspire your workforce and attract new talent?

The pandemic has left many wanting to focus their time and energy in areas that matter to them on a deeper, more personal level. Volunteering gives employees the chance to spend their time on activities that have an intrinsic value.

For staff who are back in the office, volunteering is a great way to take a meaningful break from the workday and has proven mental health benefits, including reduced feelings of stress.

For employees not quite ready to head back to the office regularly, volunteering also provides a low-pressure way to reconnect with peers. It’s an ideal solution for bringing colleagues back together to remind them that your organization cares about your community and making a social impact.

That isn’t to say reengaging with worthy local causes is simply about signaling your values to your workforce. Rather, partnering with organizations doing good work provides a morale boost to your entire staff, strengthening feelings of satisfaction and reducing turnover in the process.

While there could be some hesitation to jump back into in-person gatherings, many are attempting to restore normalcy in their lives. With kids back in school, more and more people are venturing back out to the gym, restaurants and grocery stores. And while the era of large-scale “volunteer days” might be behind us for some time, it may surprise you to hear that it could be to your benefit.

Try taking a more intimate approach by spreading out smaller service opportunities throughout the year. This will give your staff more time to rebuild relationships that may have suffered from endless Zoom calls and isolation over the last two years.

Volunteering is fun, and it feels good, absolutely. Better still, it will reignite your long-term employees’ inner sparks and increase their commitment and passion for your organization. And best of all, when you offer chances to give back, you are putting employee wellbeing at the forefront of what you do – attracting a new generation of purpose-driven workers who want to be a part of your mission.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, reach out to our volunteer engagement specialists.