Five Tips For Creating an Exceptional Member Experience at Your Kroc Center

October 5, 2023

So, you’ve acquired all of these new members — now how do you ensure you retain them? We’ve compiled five essential tips and recommendations for member retention, engagement and overall satisfaction.

Utilize Clear And Effective Signage

Are you utilizing signage effectively throughout your Kroc? If not, you should be. Signage is crucial because it serves as both a functional and promotional tool. Start by thinking about high-traffic areas and points of entry that are prime opportunities for signage. From there, you can display directions, class schedules, refer-a-friend promotions, event space rental opportunities and more. You can also utilize signage to share your mission and emphasize that your Kroc is much more than just a gym. (If you need assistance with designing and creating eye-catching signage and marketing materials, we’ve got you covered! Please contact us to inquire about our full line of custom Kroc Center products.)

Train And Empower Your Staff

Your staff members are the face of your Kroc Center. Train them well to provide outstanding customer service, answer questions and offer assistance. A welcoming smile and a willingness to engage can go a long way in creating a positive and memorable member experience. Staff members should be well-versed in your Kroc’s offerings and mission, enabling them to educate, upsell and cross-sell members effectively.

Personalize The Member Experience

Joan Kroc described Kroc Centers as a beacon of hope in the community. She envisioned a place where people of all ages and from all walks of life could enrich their lives. You can embrace Joan’s inclusive vision by catering to all demographics and personalizing the member experience for each person, from children and families to seniors and individuals from different backgrounds. Review your programs and services and ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Keep in mind that no two members are the same. They have different needs, goals and preferences.

Listen to Feedback

Don’t let your strategy become stagnant. The best way to create an exceptional member experience is to actively listen to feedback and make improvements based on what you hear. This could involve conducting regular surveys, holding focus groups or asking for feedback on social media.

Invest In Technology

Technology can be a great way to improve the member experience. For example, you could use technology to provide members with access to their workout history, track their progress or book appointments with personal trainers.

The more you put in, the more you get out. This is true of fitness, nutrition and many other things — including marketing. Investing in marketing your Kroc’s facilities, programs and mission will yield substantial returns in terms of community awareness, increased membership and member retention.

Having worked with The Salvation Army for 35+ years, Summit Marketing deeply understands your organization’s mission, history and purpose, as well as Joan Kroc’s vision. Now, we’re blending that understanding and passion with our commercial marketing expertise to help your Kroc Center thrive. If you’re ready to muscle up your marketing, get in touch with our Financial Fitness Coaches.